Man Arrested for Pushing Woman Under Bus

A man arrested on suspicion of pushing a woman into the path of a bus on Putney bridge has been released by police and cleared of any involvement.

Eric Bellquist, 41, who works for a private equity firm, was arrested on Thursday, but said he had “irrefutable proof” he was in America at the time of the incident in May.

Mr Bellquist was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm. He was initially released on bail and then cleared of all charges.

The incident, which happened on 5 May, was captured by CCTV and was widely shared on the internet.

A man is seen jogging past one male pedestrian, but then barges into the 33-year-old woman, who is thrown over and into the path of a bus.

The bus is then seen swerving to avoid the woman.

Police said that after the incident the bus driver stopped and passengers tended to the woman who had minor injuries.

The jogger then ran back the other way over the bridge, the Metropolitan Police said. When the victim tried to speak to her assailant, “he did not acknowledge her”.

Prior to his elimination from the investigation, Bellquist’s lawyers, Duncan Lewis Solicitors, said: “Our client has been wrongly implicated in this matter; he categorically denies being the individual concerned and has irrefutable proof that he was in the United States at the time of the incident. Consequently, we expect a swift resolution to this wholly untrue allegation.”

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